Assignment One — 20 Marks

Create a plain HTML file named default.htm which contains hyperlinks to the following files: (2 marks)

Upload each file to your "nexus" account as it is completed. Notify your instructor via e-mail when each assignment is ready for grading.

Store the answers to questions 1-4 (below) in Perl variables in a file named and use Perl to write the answers to screen in a web browser.
  1. List and explain the purpose of 4 CGI environment variables: (4 marks)

  2. Explain how CGI environment variables are available in Perl and give an example.
    (1 mark)

  3. Explain the difference between the GET and POST methods in an HTML form. How is each received by a Perl script?
    (2 marks)

  4. What is an "HTTP header"? How must it in look (in Perl) for any printout to be received and displayed by a web browser?
    (1 mark)

  5. Create the following files and upload them to your "nexus" account:

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