INFOBin56 - Review

  1. Open Outlook and Set up Outlook using your handout.

  2. Set up Outlook to Journal all Word files.

  3. Open Word, type your name and save a file as "review.doc". Leave Word open during the rest of this review exercise.

  4. Create the following contact: Paula Smith, 100 Main St. W., Toronto, ON M4M 4M4, 416-555-1234,
    Create a category "Bin56 review". Relate this contact (and everything else in this review exercise) to that category.

  5. Send the contact to your instructor as:
    1. text
    2. attachment
    3. vCard

  6. Schedule a meeting with this new contact and invite her. Don't forget the category!

  7. Create an appointment to discuss this new contact. Don't forget the category! Send this appointment to your instructor as an iCalendar.

  8. Create an task to order more letterhead for your office and assign this task to this new contact. Don't forget the category!

  9. Type another sentence in that Word file (which should still be open). Re-save the file and close word.

  10. When the Word file appears in your Journal, edit it and add the category setting. Save the journal entry and send it to your instructor as an email attachment.

  11. Do an advanced "find" based on your review category. Capture this window (showing all entries for the review lab). Paste this window capture into Paint and saved the file as "review.jpg". Send this screen capture to your instructor as an email file attachment.

  12. Open your contacts folder. Change the view (as needed) until you are able to print out a "phone directory style" phone list in alphabetical order. (Use the "Print Preview" feature ... don't actually "do" the printing!). Capture this window view, paste it into Paint and save as "phone list.jpg". Send this file to your instructor.

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