INFOBin56: Calendar Lab

  1. Open Outlook from:

  2. Set up Outlook using your handout.

  3. Create an appointment for your doctor for next Tuesday.

  4. Things didn't go well at the doctor's office. Change that appointment for your doctor for next Tuesday into a re-occuring appointment with your doctor for the next 3 months on the first Tuesday of each month.

  5. Create an meeting about your changing workplace and invite 2 classmates.
    CC your instructor.

  6. Forward your doctor's appointment as an iCalendar vCards to your instructor and a student who does not sit near you.

  7. Click on "view", "toolbars".
    Click on "advanced" to turn on the advanced toolbar.

  8. Change your "calendar" view to a different view and explore how the different views look and work.

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