INFOBIN56: MS Outlook: Assignment One
(20 Marks)

Please submit your answers to all questions to your instructor's e-mail address. Check with your instructor for the email address you should use.

  1. Inbox : (8 marks)

    1. send an e-mail message: (5 marks)
      • to 3 people and CC your instructor
      • attach a file to this e-mail message
      • schedule e-mail to go out the next day
        (change system date on your computer to force message to go out)
    2. Inbox "view": (3 marks)
      • change the "view" for your e-mail so that it only shows e-mail not yet read
      • capture this screen with "ALT" + PrintScreen (click here for help with Creating Attachments)
      • paste this screen capture into a Paint file and save it as a JPEG file (NOT a BMP file)
      • attach this file to an e-mail message
      • send this message to your instructor

  2. Contacts (8 marks)

    1. add 3 people including your instructor into your contacts
    2. send each of these contacts in its own separate e-mail message to your instructor
  3. Calendar: Schedule a meeting (4 marks)

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