Assignment 3                       15 marks

Create an interactive mockup of a website on a hobby or interest you have. 
The website will have two pages that are linked together.

Export the file to an interactive PDF file that you’ll submit along with the Fireworks file.

Have the website include the following items:

-          An image rollover

-          The same image used twice—once as a PNG 8 file with 64 colors and one as a GIF with 256 colours.  (I should be able to see the differences between the images.  If not, alter the colours even more.)

-          A text hotspot that goes to

-          A navigation bar that includes a blue button with your name in black text that changes to white text when you roll over it. 

-          The 2DStyled_01 object in the 2DObjects section of the Common Library

-          A yellow sun that you draw and add to the Common Library.  Add the sun twice and change one of the suns to be orange in colour.

-          Have the word “Next” appears at the bottom on page one and be linked to the second page.  Have the word “Home” appears on the bottom of the second page and is linked back to the first page.

-          At least one paragraph of text.

-          Any other features you wish to include