INFO10144:  Web Design Basics
Assignment 1 — 25 marks

For this assignment you will create 2 HTML files. You will name the first/main file either INDEX.HTML or DEFAULT.HTML. You will name the other files using any proper HTML file name of your choice. Save these files on your local computer in a subfolder using the instructions in this assignment for the content of each page. Follow the instructions at the bottom of this page to upload your assignment files to a web account for grading.

Both of your assignments in this course will form one whole web project on a theme or topic of interest to you. You may chose anything you like for your topic, for example: some sport, hobby or general topic that interests you. You will need to find some images or photos that relate to this theme. In assignment 2, you will add colour settings and background colours or images that relate to your them.

In this first assignment, you will NOT make use of any colour settings, background colours or images. All of those will be added in assignment 2 when you add in CSS (cascading style sheet) settings to provide these features. If you make use of colour settings (inside HTML tags) in this assignment, rather than from CSS settings (that you will learn later in the course), you will lose marks.

  1. General instructions for HTML files:    [4 marks 2 marks per file]

  2. For the main HTML file named either index.html or default.html (your choice):   [8 marks total]

  3. Create an HTML file using a file name of your choice. This web page will contain an "about us" explanation that relates to the theme of your web project.   [8 marks total]

  4. Transfer your files to a web host computer. Here are some pointers to help you through this portion:   [5 marks]

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