INFO 10112: Web Scripting with PHP
Assignment One — 30 Marks

You will be designing a web site with a specific theme, e.g. hockey, books, math, computers that will be used for both assignments in this course.

For the first assignment, create a web application using a template on a theme of your choice. All of the pages created for this assignment must be PHP files. In the web template that you create, you will load different PHP files in different areas of the main file. When a visitor clicks on a link in the navigation bar, that link will open in the middle portion of the screen.

  1. The main page has 4 areas:       [8 marks]
  2. You will use external CSS file to contain all settings for your web — link this file into your PHP files. In this file, choose colour settings that fit your theme. All text, headings, background, links should use your colours, not the default colours for HTML.       [5 marks]
  3. HTML form:       [10 marks] Validation: all form fields must be completed (no blank fields allowed)
  4. Once your site visitor has completed the form and all form fields have passed validation, you should place a "Thank You" confirmation on screen. This will display the info collected in the registration form for validation. When this appears on screen, the HTML form should not be visible on screen.       [5 marks]
  5. Upload all of these files into your web account in the top folder level (NOT into a subfolder). Send your instructor an email message when the assignment is ready for grading. In this email message, include a link pointing to your main file.       [2 marks]

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