Assignment 2     (20 marks)


Create a folder called Assignment 2.  All assignment files, images, and folders should be inside the Assignment 2 folder.


This assignment requires three files:  Watering.html, Locations.html, and Contacts.html

Watering.html    (12.5 marks)

·         Create a 2 column, elastic, right sidebar, header and footer web page called watering.html.

·         Make up an appropriate header.  The footer should contain your name and the date.

·         Attach the cool.css external style sheet to the page.

·         Have the header act as a Spry effect that is shaded in blue when you hover the mouse over it.

·         In the right side-bar, have the image tap.jpg and a Spry Menu bar that has three sections to it and the :


Links to Watering.html


Links to Locations.html

About Us

Links to Contacts.html


·      Format the Menu bar to look attractive.

·      In the main content area, insert 3 Spry Tabbed Panels




·      Format the Tabbed Panels to match the Menu bar




Here’s the content for each tabbed panel:



Add a link to a website dealing with water




Add the Email.gif image as an email link to your Mohawk email account.






Add a link to locations.html

Locations.html   (4 marks)

·      Make as a one-column liquid centred page.

·      Attach the cool.css external style sheet to the page.

·      Include any headings/titles you wish.

·      List 5 places you’d like to visit as an unordered list.

·      Set a placeholder for an image that you hope to find at another time.

·      Add the know.swf Flash file.

Contacts.html      (3.5 marks)

·         Pick any page layout you choose.

·         Include any headings/titles you wish.

·         Insert only the hands in the washing.jpg file.

·         Make the water.jpg picture 500 px by 500 px and insert it onto the page.


Upload the Assignment                2 folder to your spot on the Nexus server.
Email your instructor that the Assignment is posted and ready to be marked.