INFO10110: Web Page Design

Welcome to the Web Page Design course page. This course is aimed toward the individual or small business that wishes to take advantage of the global exposure possible though the Internet and the World Wide Web. Students will create a series of hyper-linked web pages using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) in a Windows environment. Effective page structure and layout techniques will be discussed and used to ensure clarity, readability and style. HTML topics include: tables, Email and Bookmark links, Image maps, Meta tags, Embedding Multimedia in web pages, more Cascading Style Sheet features, frames, Layers and Positioning Page Layout and forms. Notepad and a web browser will be used to create, view and maintain the web pages. Students will learn how to place web pages on a web server.

Prerequisite: INFO10144 Web Design Basics or previous computer coding experience.

The following links will lead you to key course materials:

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