Uploading Files to your Web Account

Using WS_FTP

Click here to view instructions on how to FTP using Windows Explorer (or "My Computer").

This example will guide you through the steps needed to transfer one or more files to a remote web account using the WS_FTP program.

When you first start WS_FTP, the Session Profile screen is displayed as shown below. This screen prompts you for information about the host you are connecting to and the user id (username or account name) to login to. You can save the connection information for future use by typing in the required connection information, a Profile Name and clicking Save.

This is the required information to make a connection:

Host Name:name of host to connect to. In this case, it is the name of the web server. The host name of the web server we are using is nexus.mohawkc.on.ca
User ID:This is your account name or username. Your instructor will assign you a User ID
Password:Your instructor will assign you one for the given User ID.

NOTE: Do not select Save Password, unless you are doing this on your own personal computer.

Once all the connection information is entered, click on the OK button. If all goes well, you will be connected. Otherwise, click on the CONNECT button, check your connection information and click OK to try again.

Below is the WS_FTP file transfer window as it looks once a connection has been successfully established:

The window is divided into two sections; The Local System which shows the files on your PC, and the Remote System which shows the directories and files on the system to which you connected.

The Remote System side of the window is your folder on "nexus". You will use this folder as your destination for the files and folders that you need to upload to our web server/host computer.

Locate the file(s) on the Local System side that you wish to upload to your web account. Select one or more files. To select more than one file, hold down the control key as you click on filenames.

When you have selected all the files that you wish to upload, click on the --> arrow that points toward the Remote System.

When the files have finished uploading, the status line at the bottom will say "transfer complete".

To disconnect, click on the "Close" button. To exit the WS_FTP program, click on the "Exit" button.

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